The WAYCollegeGuide is an on-line project of WAY Media Network Services based in Colorado Springs, CO. WAY-FM reaches almost a million weekly radio and online listeners, specifically targeting 18-34 year olds.

The WAY College Guide is designed to provide information on Christian colleges and Christian education to our listeners.

Want to change the world through media?  So do we.  WAY Media is always looking for communicators, bloggers, web graphics people and designers, awesome event coordinators, even interns, etc. etc. Maybe you can help us, and fulfill your own calling?   WAY Media’s Mission statement is simply this… We want to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus, using culturally relevant media.   And we own and operate 20 radio stations in various cities in the US, plus websites, etc.  But this is not the same old boring Christian radio.  If you’re passionate about our mission, contact WAY Media by sending a letter of interest and your resume or experience background to [email protected] with the SUBJECT LINE: OPPORTUNITIES